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I'm Della Wren! Thanks for coming to check out all the different ways you can work with me one-one-one.Why would you want to work with me?I'm a focus coach. Over the last few years I've taught myself how to manage my own thinking and perspective. I look for the pain in my perspective and shift away from that. I've learned to stop focusing on problems that I can't fix. I've learned to not be afraid of what happens when I don't focus on problems. I've learned how to live my life in such a way that I get to be okay even when things are far from perfect.Now I'm here to show you how to do the same thing.The main reason why most people aren't happy is not because life is that awful, it's because of what they spend their time thinking about. My goal is to help you manage that so that you can feel better without actually shifting a whole lot in your external world. You don't have to upend your life to feel better; you just have to shift your thinking.

Thoughts Matter

What are you thinking about right now? How is that making you feel?Those are questions that I ask myself all the time. When my conscious thoughts create pain, stress, anxiety, worry, doubt, fear, or any other what we call negative emotion, I immediately shift that thought. Why did that thought cause pain? What was the focus?When I figure out the focus of the thought, I can begin to shift my thinking. I don't have to stay stuck in the pain. I don't have to let my thoughts upset me. I have a choice to gain some control over that and so do you.Isn't that just avoidance?Nope. We're not avoiding anything except getting stuck in thought loops that upset us. What we're doing is we're showing the brain that it doesn't have to keep replaying the pain. We're showing the brain that there is a better way to be in the world.When we don't have a solution to a problem, hyper-focusing on the problem by allowing it to run free in our heads doesn't solve the problem. It just makes us miserable. We don't have to live like that. Shifting the mind away from problems we don't have solutions to allows us to maintain our own inner peace. We get to feel better even though we haven't solved the problem yet.

What I Will Help You Do

The strategy is simple - question why we feel like we need to hang onto the pain until we realize that there is no reason to hang on anymore.When you first start working with me there are two things I'm going to be working on:1. Let's make sure we actually like each other. Let's make sure we're comfortable with each other. If you're constantly afraid of what I'm thinking or that I'm grading your performance in some way, then you won't be honest about what's going on for you. You'll hide things from me and the relationship will struggle. It's hard to be successful when everything is being hidden. You need to know that I don't care that you spent 12 hours thinking about that thing before you realized you were doing it. Hint: I did the same thing myself for a long time. It's okay. Don't tell anybody, but it's more important that you're trying than it is that you're successful, especially at first.2. What's the thing that screams the loudest? Pick a problem, any problem and lets work on your thinking around it. I like to start with the thing that's most prevalent in your mind at the time because that's the thing that's easiest to find. It doesn't require any digging. It's right there front and center.
I'm not here to fix your problems for you. I'm going to show you how to manage them within yourself so they aren't upsetting you anymore. You're going to learn how to live happily with your problems piled up around you. That's what I'm here to teach you how to do.

Responsible Thinking

It's not irresponsible to feel okay within yourself even with a pile of problems around you. Do you believe that?Problems aren't meant to upset you. They are part of being in a human form. It's normal to have issues in your life when you're human. But it's not normal to make those problems so central to your way of being that you allow them to make you miserable every single day.So, while we're getting to know each other we'll look at some of these ideas that might be hiding back there. Why do you think you need to focus on things that upset you? What makes you believe that it's irresponsible not to? What do you think those problems are going to do if you're not supervising them?Usually there is some fear of something like things getting out of control when we're not looking. But the truth is, nothing gets out of control without your awareness. These are just some of the stories the mind makes up to keep you focused on those pesky problems. It's all part of the work we'll do together to help manage your focus.

What's the point of self-mastery if it doesn't fix the problems?

The tools!
The ability to manage life when it happens because it's going to happen anyway.
The ability to recognize the cycles and not be scared to shift them.
The ability to not be scared to change things when you need to.
The ability to not be scared to accept new bits of truth about yourself.
The ability to not be afraid to wade through some pain sometimes.
The ability to handle what shows up.
The ability to maintain inner-peace and be okay within yourself most of the time.
The ability to shift your perception so that you're not just focusing on pain and problems all the time.
The ability to have a mind that is under some semblance of control and isn't just offering you chaos all day every day.
The ability to have some emotional control so that your emotions don't sweep you away at the drop of a hat.
I teach focus and self-mastery not because it will fix your problems for you but because it will give you the tools to fix the problems for yourself.

The Options

There are three options below for working with me:1. Individual Private Sessions: This is just a one hour session with me. It's a one-off thing with no regular commitment or contract.2. Private Coaching Packages: This is where the magic truly happens. A long term approach to shifting your focus is how you will feel better in your life. I offer packages of differing lengths with or without payment plans. Just pick the package that suits you best.3. Scholarship Application: Not everybody can afford this stuff and I want to make it accessible to more people. I'll be offering some free coaching spots as a way to give back. If you'd like to apply for one of those spots, you can do so by clicking the button below. These application forms will be waitlisted and I will pick from that list when I'm filling spots.

Individual Private Sessions

Just want an hour to work through something with me? Have a problem you're stuck on and want to shift your focus? This is the way to do it!When you click the button you'll be taken to an application form. It's only a couple of questions and does not obligate you into buying anything. Once you send it to me, I'll have a read and decide whether we're a good fit or not. If we are you'll get a calendar link and a payment link. If you still want to move forward you can book the appointment and complete your payment. If not, no worries. Apply anytime.
Note: Appointments have to be paid for to be confirmed.
Price: $175 CAD

Coaching Packages

All of my coaching packages include regular weekly video chat sessions with me and full support between sessions in Voxer. When something comes up you can simply send me a voice message in Voxer and we can chat about it. The goal is that you have a constant source of support to manage your focus in between sessions. It also helps to build a relationship when we're sharing the little things going on in our daily lives. Yes, I'm here to be your new best friend!There is a fairly lengthy application form which is linked below. I want to get to know you. I want to learn what the struggle is so that I can help. Filling out the application form is the first step to doing the work. When you're ready, I'll be here to support you.I take on a limited number of people at a time to make sure I leave myself time to write and take care of other parts of my life and business.As applications are received I will create a waitlist from those applications. As spots open up, I will select people from those applications to move forward. I may not respond to your application right away. Please be patient.

Package Options

3 Months: 12 weekly sessions and Voxer support between sessions.
Price: $2 999 CAD
Payment Plan: $1 000 CAD per month for 3 months.
6 Months: 24 weekly sessions and Voxer support between sessions.
Price: $5 999 CAD
Payment Plan: $1 000 CAD per month for 6 months.
12 Months: 48 weekly sessions and Voxer support between sessions. (It's not 52. Time off is important to both of us. This is a long commitment!)
Price: $10 200 CAD
Payment Plan: $850 CAD per month for 12 months.

Scholarship Application

I understand that not everybody can afford to pay big money for a coaching package. But just because you can't afford the big package, it doesn't mean you don't need the support.I'll be offering some free coaching spots on a regular basis for those that can show me a desire to do the work, a commitment to that work. and a willingness to heal. This work is hard and without an energetic commitment like money, it can be difficult to hold yourself in the game.If you believe you have what it takes to stick around when the going gets tough and you're willing to do the work to shift your focus, click the button below to apply.I won't necessarily respond to these immediately, however I will create a waiting list for spots. As spots become available I will read through the next application in the list until I find someone I'm interested in working with.I may also ask you to prove your financial inability to pay for the service. Please be prepared to do that as part of the application process.If I reach out to you and offer you the possibility of a scholarship, the next step will be to fill in the coaching application form and submit that within 14 days of the emailed offer.Once I have looked through that, if I feel we would be a good fit, I will offer you a spot and you will be able to book your first appointment.Scholarship clients can work with me for up to 12-months if needed. The package length is open-ended and determined by your progress, willingness to do the work, show up, and be open with me about what's going on for you. Your commitment to doing the work is an extremely important factor in whether I continue to work with you. It is very important that you are committed to the journey if you wish to remain in the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer refunds?
Full refunds are available for any unused appointment time in coaching packages. Time spent chatting in Voxer is also considered when determining your refund.Individual one-off appointments that are cancelled with a minimum of 48 hours notice are fully refundable.Appointments that are simply skipped will not be refunded.Appointments cancelled via my calendar are not automatically refunded. Everyone must reach out to me directly to request a refund whether for a package or an individual session.What if I can't make it that week?
Life happens sometimes. It's important that you make time for your weekly coaching sessions. They are important to your success in the program. However, I understand that life happens sometimes. Please just reach out to me so that we can try to work out a time outside of my calendar schedule.
What happens if I'm late or I forget?
I will remind you by sending the video chat link to you in message form usually an hour or two before our scheduled appointments. If life happens, worry not, just reach out to me so we can work it out. I'm flexible but I also won't put up with regular weekly forgetting. Please be respectful.
What is Voxer?
It's a free voice message/walkie talkie app that doesn't require us to trade phone numbers, nor does it require you to have a smartphone. It can be used from a desktop computer. Simply download and sign up for free. Once signed up, I'll help you connect with me so we can stay in touch between sessions.
Do you use Zoom?
Nope. I use a different site called Whereby. It is completely free with no sign up or download required. It works right in your browser. The link will be the same every week. Once I give it to you just keep it. Don't worry if you lose it. I'll send it in chat every week.
What does offering financial proof for the scholarship application entail?
You do not need to be on some sort of financial assistance program to quality. You just have to be able to prove that money is tight and that access to sufficient credit is not available.

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